We're Back and Better Than Ever! - PC036

The guys recap their summers and introduce a new segment!

LIVE @ Great Plains Summit 2019 - PC035

Jeff, Jesse, and Donnie keynoted the 2019 Great Plains Summit with a LIVE episode! Recorded in Lincoln, Nebraska in front of 400+ educators.

Control Alt Achieve on a Raft! - PC034

Eric Curts joins us to discuss maintaining emotional well-being as an educator.

Episode XXXIII: The O’Donnell Strikes Back - PC033

Ryan O'Donnell joins us to discuss teacher accountability vs. freedom.

Shipping Ships Shipping Ships with Micah Shippee - PC032

Dr. Micah Shippee joins the podcast to celebrate the end of the school year and discuss his book, WanderlustEDU: An Educator's Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore - PC031

Rushton Hurley joins us from the Philippines with Jeff to discuss his books Making Your School Something Special and Making Your Teaching Something Special.

BONUS - #ISTE19: Where to Eat and Go in Philadelphia

In this bonus episode, Jesse and Holly Clark talk about 10 Things to Do/Eat In Philly for ISTE 2019!

'Tis the Season (of the Test) - PC030

The end of the school year is near! The guys talk about how to end the year on a strong note.

Lisa Highfill, Hyperdocs and Mixtapes - PC029

Hyperdocs co-author Lisa Highfill joins the show!

Partial Credit Endgame - PC028

Jennifer Cronk joins the Partial Avengers for a discussion about the best superhero teachers!

Google Infused Classrooms and Elevate EDU - PC027

Holly Clark stops by along with guest co-host Ken Shelton to discuss teaching and coffee.

SmashBoardEDU with Dee Lanier - PC026

Dee Lanier stops by to talk about SmashBoardEDU.

1/4 of 100 Episodes - PC025

We recap April Fools Day in the classroom, we share what we’ve been reading, seeing, listening to, and talk about feedback in education.

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Please don't take this episode so seriously...

A. Sophocles. Final Answer. - PC024

Jessica Williams stops by to talk about game shows and shenanigans ensue!

Partial Credit Madness - PC023

Dave Whitehead and Ken Shelton guest star as we talk about some great ways to incorporate the NCAA Tournament into your curriculum.

A Partial Credit Baby Shower - PC022

Jessica Williams back to help us throw a Partial Credit style baby shower for Little Baby Piercey who may even be here by the time you listen to this episode!

Going Beyond Black History Month - PC021

Ken Shelton returns as we discuss multicultural education and what’s right and wrong with Black History Month.

Can You Partially Know Your Child? - PC020

We are joined by daughters of the podcast, Lily Heil and Jordan Lubinsky.

Love, Actually? - PC019

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air so break out your favorite rom-com and box of chocolates with the Partial Credit crew!

Superbowl Tailgate - PC018

It's Super Bowl time and we’re in four down territory as we share our top four favorite ways for students to tell stories.

A Case of The Mondays - PC017

This week, we discuss teacher self-care or lack thereof.

New Year, New You - PC016

We're talking resolutions for 2019 and Donnie recaps his trip to Antarctica.

Holiday Extravaganza 2018 - PC015

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that can mean only one thing. It must be time for a Partial Credit Holiday Extravaganza!