A Very Merry Thanksgiving - PC081

A special holiday celebration with our good friend Jessica Williams

Live from Iceland - It's Partial Credit! - PC080

Coming to you LIVE from the UTIS 2021 Conference in Iceland, Jesse, Donnie, and a whole bunch of new Icelandic friends host another LIVE episode of the pod.

Crossing Over with Jake Miller (The #EduDuctTape Guy) - PC079

Jake Miller of the Educational Duct Tape Podcast stops by to chat with Donnie, Jeff, and Jesse about his new book: This is part two of a special two-part crossover with Jake's podcast, also part of the Education Podcast Network. You can check out...

Six Minutes until Mars Patel Makes a Big Fib for Gen Z - PC078

David Kreizman, one of the co-creators of The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel, Six Minutes, and the Big Fib.

The Commish - PC077

Dr. Jason Glass, Kentucky State Commissioner of Education

You Betcha, Mate - PC076

This week, the boys are joined by Chris Betcher from Australia!

Sarah The Teacher - PC075

Dr. Sarah Thomas, founder of EduMatch joins us this week!

Education Nuggets with The Colorado Teacher of the Year: Gerardo Muñoz - PC074

This week we welcome Gerardo Muñoz (he/him/his), the 2021 Colorado Teacher of the Year, to the show to share some educational "nuggets" of wisdom.

Being the Champion of the Classroom with Texas TOY Eric Hale - PC073

Eric Hale, the Texas Teacher of the Year, discusses what it was like growing up with trauma, and how he has channeled that into his work.

The Silver State TOY Juliana Urtubey Otálora - PC072

Nevada Teacher of the Year Juliana Urtubey Otálora joins the boys!

The Many Hats of Christine Lion-Bailey - PC071

Christine Lion-Bailey tries her hand at pop culture trivia and makes Jeff look good!

Reaching New Heights with North Carolina TOY Maureen Stover - PC070

North Carolina Teacher of the Year Maureen Stover shares her inspiring journey from the Air Force to the classroom.

Border Crossing with Michigan TOY Owen Bondono - PC069

2021 Michigan Teacher of the Year Owen Bondono discusses his the impact of being the first transgender educator to win that award.

100% Pure Adrenaline with John Arthur - PC068

2021 Utah Teacher of the Year John Arthur joins the show and drafts superheroes with the boys to build the perfect school!

Talkin' Bout My Jenn-eration - PC067

Jenn Cronk returns and she's taking names and kickin' Jeff!

PC Holiday Special 2020 Part 3 - PC066

Ken Shelton returns to ring in the new year with the Partial Credit crew!

PC Holiday Special 2020 Part 2 - PC065

Jim Sill returns to continue the holiday magic and... cancel Rudolph?

PC Holiday Special 2020 - PC064

New mom and listener favorite Jessica Williams returns with some holiday cheer!

Justice and Love in the 502 - PC063

Kentucky Teachers of the Year Matthew Kaufman and NyRee Clayton discuss Justice Now.

A Lubinsky Among Us - PC062

Jesse's family joins the show to talk remote learning through many lenses.

Winner Winner Piercey Dinner! - PC061

Zoe Heil (the best Heil) returns to talk about the effects of the pandemic on higher education.

We are living in a hybrid world... - PC060

Natasha Rachell joins the show to discuss some of our biggest lessons so far with regards to hybrid/remote learning.

Trading Races with Kenyatta Forbes - PC059

We are talking trading races and life in a pandemic loop with Kenyatta Forbes!

The Chromebook Infused Classroom with Holly Clark - BONUS

ChangeMaker 2020 Conference Special Episode: Holly Clark joins the crew to discuss her new book The Chromebook Infused Classroom.