We are living in a hybrid world... - PC060

Natasha Rachell joins the show to discuss some of our biggest lessons so far with regards to hybrid/remote learning.

Trading Races with Kenyatta Forbes - PC059

We are talking trading races and life in a pandemic loop with Kenyatta Forbes!

The Chromebook Infused Classroom with Holly Clark - BONUS

ChangeMaker 2020 Conference Special Episode: Holly Clark joins the crew to discuss her new book The Chromebook Infused Classroom.

Eyes Wide Shut with Monica Martinez - PC058

Monica Martinez shares her insight on bias and racism in the media.

Rethinking Learning with Knikole Taylor - PC057

Knikole Taylor, self-proclaimed nerd and lover of learning, joins the show to discuss her work.

Ctrl+Alt+Achieve - The Book! - PC056

Eric Curts, the man behind Ctrl+Alt+Achieve, discusses his new book Control Alt Achieve: Rebooting Your Classroom with Creative Google Projects.

What's the Frequency Kenneth? - PC055

Ken Shelton is back to discuss diversity and inclusion in the Age of COVID.

How I Met Your Brother - PC054

Mark Rounds, Google Innovator and Trainer, joins the show!

No Soup Wars For You! - PC053

Lisa Highfill returns and the gang talks soup. Literal soup.

Let's Makerspace A Deal! - PC052

Nick Provenzano, the award-winning educator known as "The Nerdy Teacher," joins the boys and plays crazy facts trivia.

There's Something About Mari - PC051

Mari Venturino, middle school science teacher, discusses her Fueled by Coffee and Love book series.

The Power of Positive Physical Distancing - PC050

Natasha Rachell talks about her work as a Digital Learning Specialist.

The Quarantine with Jeff 'Exotic' Heil - PC049

Former journalist turned teacher turned administrator Jessica Rappaport (Jesse's wife) joins us on the show!

Star Wars Mega Pod Strikes Back - PC048

It's Part 2 of our Star Wars Mega Pod featuring Star Wars in the Classroom with Adam Watson!

Star Wars Mega Pod XLVII - PC047

It's Part 1 of a Star Wars Mega Pod with special guests Dave Whitehead and Jackson Lubinsky

Wait...How'd YOU become a teacher? - PC046

Jeff, Jesse, and Donnie talk about how they entered education.

It's a New Year (And Jesse Wrote a Book) - PC045

Jesse wrote a book and the boys talk resolutions for 2020!

A Christmas Podcast or Not? - PC044

Sean and Jess Williams grab some egg nog and pull up next to the yule log with the guys!