Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality

Innovative educators are already designing learning experiences using AR and VR that supercharge student motivation, encourage creativity, and make otherwise impossible educational adventures accessible to all. Reality Bytes can help you do the same, with easy-to-implement resources that will revolutionize how you approach instruction. Equip your students with the skills they’ll need in the future—today. Co-authored by Partial Credit co-host Jesse Lubinsky.


The Esports Education Playbook: Empowering Every Learner Through Inclusive Gaming

Esports is taking the world by storm, growing to a billion dollar industry with competitions that have greater viewership than the Super Bowl. Colleges are awarding scholarships to talented esports players, and schools are becoming more interested in starting esports programs to provide opportunities for their students. Luckily the experts at Ready Learner One are here to show you how to harness your students’ enthusiasm for gaming and leverage the social, emotional, and communication benefits of esports for electrifying learning. Co-authored by Partial Credit co-host Jesse Lubinsky.


The Google Cardboard Book: Explore, Engage, and Educate with Virtual Reality

Imagine taking students on an underwater excursion...or exploring Japan's landscape and architecture together…or inviting them to sit in the cello section with the Philadelphia Orchestra during a performance at Carnegie Hall…or going on a field trip to Sequoia National Park in California climbing some of the world's tallest trees. With Google Cardboard, you don’t have to simply imagine. Virtual reality makes learning come to life by putting you and your students in the middle of the action. And with simple tools, easy-to-use apps, and a smart phone or spherical camera, they can be creators of their own immersive photos and videos. Co-authored by Partial Credit co-hosts Donnie Piercey and Jeffery Heil.