Jan. 30, 2022

Mountain Revelations with Ryan Hudson - PC084

Mountain Revelations with Ryan Hudson - PC084

Jeff's former student, Ryan Hudson, joins us to talk about the life of a professional snowboarder.

It’s Partial Credit episode 84, and this week we are climbing some of the highest peaks in Alaska to get some revelations from a former student of a familiar podcast host. . .

  • Wordle Mania
  • Florida SB 148 - prevent white people from feeling uncomfortable in schools
  •  Indiana SB 147 - force teachers to post a year’s worth of lesson plans
  • Mountain Revelations release to streaming (about movie, etc.)Streaming on Outside TV+
  • Streets to peaks. . .Snowflake Mafia/Outdoor Outreach
  • School Experience. . . advice for your younger self/other students

Mountain Revelations: https://www.tetongravity.com/films/mountain-revelations

Ski Free Online: http://skifreeonline.com/

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Ryan HudsonProfile Photo

Ryan Hudson

Professional Snowboarder

Freeride/Backcountry snowboarder sharing the #streets2peaks story of finding passion and purpose in the outdoors. An example of positive lasting change when you have a relationship with nature.