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Jim Sill

Teacher Coach and Tech Integrator

Jim Sill is an educational consultant for Deploy Learning who enjoys a great story and loves inspiring people to tell theirs. This makes him a popular keynote speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. Bringing authentic learning experiences to clients is what drives his work.

As a former television producer, Jim Sill has been working in education for almost 20 years. Using his industry experience, he created an award-winning video production program in Central California. By involving students in real-world video projects, they garnered awards and recognition at the local, state and national levels. In 2012, Jim was featured in Edutopia and their Teach2Learn series for his work in Building Career Skills in Video Production.

Today, Jim lives in Melbourne, Australia and works with schools across region leading professional development workshops and helping to develop educational initiatives on using video for social change, understanding and developing Cinematic Narrative techniques, encouraging a creative student, Google in the Classroom, and much more. His experiences have led him to work with teachers on all seven continents.

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