April 1, 2019

ǝposᴉdƎ ʎɐp ,slooℲ lᴉɹd∀ lɐᴉɔǝdS ʎɹǝΛ ∀

ǝposᴉdƎ ʎɐp ,slooℲ lᴉɹd∀ lɐᴉɔǝdS ʎɹǝΛ ∀

Please don't take this episode so seriously...

First off, we're pleased to announce our partnership with StrongbadMusic, Vandaley Industries, and Hawgit Edu: three real and totally not made up game-changers in the world of music, pop-culture, and education. You should check them out.

In this week's episode, we also have a few HUGE announcements we'd like to make to the world*: 

  • 'Teachers'' are called that because they teach students.
  • The Harry Potter books get their name from their main character whose name is ''Harry Potter''. 
  • Tom Waits is the name of a musician, not a patient man named Tom.
  • There are more people alive now than when there were fewer people.
  • The Edge is not actually an edge, but a three-dimensional human being.
  • The page number in a book denotes the number of the page you are on.
  • Comic book vigilante batman gets his name from being a man who dresses like a bat.
  • Taylor Swift is the name of a pop-singer, not a comment on the speed of a girl named Taylor.
  • ''Ford'' is named after the man who founded the company, who was also named ''Ford''
  • ''The Expendables 3'' gets its name from being the 3rd ''Expendables'' film.  

*most of these are taken from a buzzFeed article, but they're still HUGE announcements, don't you think?

You won't BELIEVE what happens at time-stamp 48:15:16!  

We're hoping you haven't forgotten what day today is...

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